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About Us

Family Owned & Operated

Imagine your romantic wedding in one of Yarra Valley’s largest and most historic private country estates, located only 50 minutes’ drive from Melbourne. Established in 1869, Wandin Park Estate is a treasured family-owned acreage, located in the magnificent Yarra Valley.

You have the flexibility and freedom to choose your own caterers and suppliers for the reception, or select from those we recommend to suit your style and requirements. With our commitment to quality, luxury and attention to detail, we will take your stresses away and support you in planning the most important day of your life.

The stunning country views at Wandin Park Estate add natural beauty to your rustic wedding and create unlimited photo opportunities. Based in the heart of Yarra Valley, the 320-acre property includes a variety of locations to suit the size, style and season of your wedding. You can select from a range of unique country settings, including a private garden, tranquil lakeside or gentle hilltop, in which to hold your personalised ceremony or wedding reception.



History of Wandin Park Estate

Wandin Park Estate in the Yarra Valley was initially founded by Mr Thomas Hogg, who was famous for producing jam in the local region. It has been through the influence of the Anker family that this property has become a unique establishment.

William Anker migrated to Australia from the small Swiss village of Ins situated in the canton of Bern in 1861, seeking a new life. The Yarra valley is unique for its beautiful rolling hills and rich fertile soil vastly  similar to the town of Gruyere in Switzerland. In 1869 the Anker family established a winery, then post WWII,  moved into agriculture and then  equestrian.

Wandin Park Estate, owned by John and Angela Anker, has seen several changes through the years, initially a working farm, most significant being established as an International equestrian centre in 1973, home to the internationally designed Captain Mark Phillips course. Most recently as an exclusive Homestead, Wedding and event venue.

John and Angela, together with their team of enthusiastic staff, actively work on the 320 acre property and are dedicated to delivering ongoing excellence to the sport of equestrian via Wandin Park International Horse trials, Wandin Riding Academy, Seville Pony Club, Wandin Adult Riding Club and the Inter-school equestrian events.

They have always been passionate about giving back to the community through various charities including the Lions Club, annual Cherry Festival, 4WD Show, Riding for the Disabled and have played an iconic role in re-developing the Lilydale to Warburton rail trail.

The Anker family business has recently expanded to provide an exclusive experience to their guests through country weddings, functions, events and luxurious accommodation in the newly renovated Homestead. It is their passion to ensure your experience or celebration at Wandin Park Estate is unique and unforgettable.

1859 – Anker family travels from the village of  Ins, 40km west of Bern in Switzerland
1861 – The Anker family moved to  the  Yarra Valley to work in the vineyards at De Pury’s Yeringerg
1869 – The 6th Generation Anker family settled at Wandin
1875 – Planting of the first vineyard at Wandin, producing more than 200 gallons of wine annually
1895 – Recession hit and wine became unpopular, as spirits grew in popularity
1900 – Diversified into agriculture, initially growing passionfruit then fruits and vegetables
1940 – Maintained cherries and expanded into sheep farming
1942 – Due to the labour shortage during WWII, only cherries were grown

1950 – Became the largest Victorian cherry growers, supplying MacRobertson’s Cherry Ripe confectionery

1968 – Introduced mechanical harvesting of cherries
1973 – Established an equestrian centre for horses riding, agistment and saddlery
1981 – Established Wandin Park International Horse Events, 4WD show, mud running events and festivals
2016 – Launch of Wandin Park Estate homestead and wedding venue

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